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Welcome to Modern Portable Refrigeration

Whether you’re in New York or LA, Modern Portable Refrigeration is here for all of your refrigeration needs.   Our dedication to customer service is second to none, from site visits to over the phone tech support, we are on call to serve the needs of our customers.

With over 25 years of refrigeration experience, you can rest assured that Modern Portable Refrigeration will provide the best service, and quality experience, available today. We can provide rental freezers, blast freezers, batch freezers, or any type of custom setup you need. We are currently offering units ranging from a 2HP to 25HP batch freezer, all the way to our all powerful 40FT ShockFreezer.

I’ve been around blast freezers all my life and I’ve never seen one push that much air, or get that cold, that fast.

~David Walker from Gulf American Fisheries

We believe something all customers should make sure of before moving forward with almost anything is credentials and licensing.   It gives you the customer piece of mind that we truly are professionals.   Here is our Unlimited Contractor License for Refrigeration, Heating, Cooling, & Piping – S1-4041787

I am a juice manufacturer. As you may know juice can be a tricky product to freeze in large batches due to the high amount of water and sugar,as well as being prone to degrade quickly.Curt worked with me extensively to make sure we were approaching the freezing of my product correctly. The results were impressive. We blast froze 18,000lbs of bulk juice within 20hrs. Once thawed, the product tastes as good as when it came off the press. I Spoke with everyone in the blast freezing business before using MPR and trust me when I say; you will not find a colder freezer or a company as helpful as MPR. Thanks Curt for all your hard work.

Dan’s Fish, Inc. has been in seafood business for more than 20 years and has found no comparable freezer equipment to that of Modern Portable Refrigeration 40 ft shock freezer. The unit provides essential quick freeze to time sensitive product, providing the frozen product to have the highest quality. Our company was also very impressed by the great service and cooperation of Modern Portable Refrigeration team. They are highly knowledgeable, easily to reach and very cooperative, providing great customer service.

I’ve been around blast freezers all my life and I’ve never seen one push that much air, or get that cold, that fast.